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Your PPC Campaign Is Only As Good As The Weakest Link

According to the infographic, a good PPC ad campaign is only as good as its weakest link, much like a stereo system. The final output of your stereo system will only be as good as the cheapest or weakest component. Similarly, one weak link in your ad campaign brings down the quality of the entire process. Read More »

New AdWords Feature Allows Advertisers to Share Budgets

Much to the delight of some advertisers, Google’s AdWords has released a new feature that allows them to share their budgets across multiple campaigns.  Marketers can now reallocate budgetary funds at their own discretion, based on volume of sales across multiple channels.

This new “Shared library” feature resides in the section under Budgets and can be accessed easily through AdWords dashboard.  It recounts beginning at the time of use, so if you start the program in the middle of a work day, it proceeds as if nothing had been spent the day before.
Orange County SEO can give you all the help you need managing your advertising dollars effectively.  With our SEO services in Orange County, you will find that your advertising dollars bring you more business than you thought possible. Read More »

Making Changes Without Taking Huge Risks

There is no doubt about it, change is stressful.  Even good change brings a certain amount of stress, and bad change can paralyze a person–or an ad campaign.  However, this brings us to a dilemma:  if you do not change occasionally, you do not grow and you or your ad or product eventually wither and die.  How can you change positively but without taking the high level of risk involved in sudden, drastic measures?

For yourself, gradual change may be best.  Why not apply that thinking to your advertising strategy, as well?  Gradual changes based on time-honored and proven techniques may be just the thing to give your ad campaign some new life.

Orange County SEO can help you with all your internet advertising needs by working with you on social media marketing and management, Google Adwords, web design or any areas of your company you would like to improve. Read More »

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