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What is Behind Your Mobile App?


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Everyone, it seems, is interested in mobile apps.  However, few people have a true understanding of the impact of these apps or how they work to promote a business, brand, product or individual.  It is important to have a basic understanding of the scope of mobile apps so that you will understand how they can work for your business.  Venturing into the mobile app field without this understanding can spell disaster and wasted advertising budget.

This infographic discusses interesting facts about mobile apps.  Here are a few:

  • 60 percent of apps have never been downloaded.  People create apps every day that are not marketed properly, so many of them never receive the recognition they deserve.  In many cases, users are not even aware that the app exists.
  • It would take over $1 million to purchase every app available.  There are too many apps available to buy them all, so consumers must make decisions based on the perceived value of various apps, especially apps that are not offered for free.
  • Almost $6 billion is spent in mobile app advertising.  This number is predicted to soar in the next few years as marketers become more aware of the power of apps.  Even now apps represent one of the biggest marketing spends of any type of advertising.
  • Facebook’s app has been downloaded almost two million times, making it one of the most popular apps on the planet.  While you may not reach Facebook’s popularity, you can utilize the company’s platform for other forms of advertising through social media campaigns.
  • The top 5 app developers spend over $50,000 in the first two weeks of their ad campaigns.  The “big boys and girls” do not hesitate to market their apps or to spend money to ensure customers find them.  They know that a new app will generate interest that will last long after the initial campaign and take advantage of this window of opportunity to place that app squarely in the public eye.  Of course, they also continue marketing after the initial introduction, although not usually at the same level of intensity as during the first few weeks of a campaign.

The most popular categories of apps are:

  • Games—17 percent
  • Education—10 percent
  • Entertainment—10 percent
  • Books—9 percent
  • Lifestyle—9 percent
  • Other—40 percent

For the most part, business marketing lies in the 40 percent “other” range.  About half of all apps are given free of charge, and about half have a minimal cost.  Customers do not mind paying a small fee for an app they find useful, but they balk at paying for apps that are offered for free in similar versions.  Charging for a common app can backfire and cause customers to go to your competitors who are offering these apps free of charge.

The experts at Orange County SEO can help you understand apps and how they can benefit your overall marketing strategy.  Contact Orange County SEO today to find out how we can help you use apps to market your business and create brand recognition and loyalty for your product or service.

Mobile Website Advertising Inforgraphic


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Mobile advertising is one of the fastest-growing dynamics in the world, and it is vitally important that your business take advantage of this opportunity.  Search engines, local searches and smart phones intersect to provide instant information to those who are looking for your business.  You will find that utilizing the power of mobile advertising will grow your business quickly and capture customers who are literally at your doorstep.

Mobile devices require a different type of web design for sites than computers.  It is important that businesses with websites that work well on PCs or laptops understand that they will need a different version of their site for mobile devices.

This infographic offers great reasons to focus on mobile advertising.  Consider the following:

• Smartphone use increased by 13 percent in one year, from 31 to 44 percent of the population.  In fact, it is becoming difficult to find mobile phones without smart phone capabilities.  Most people agree that everyone will be using smart phone technology sooner or later.  In the next year or so, at this rate of growth, more people will be using smart phones than other types of cellular phones.  Many companies are moving to cheaper data plans and sharing data as well.  All of this equates to one thing:  you should be paying attention to mobile advertising.
• 62 percent of smartphone users search every day.  As people become aware of the power of smart phones, they are utilizing these capabilities on a more regular basis.  People who were not even using smart phones a year ago are now becoming experts at using their apps and other features to locate goods and services they want.  As this trend continues, users will expect mobile-friendly websites and will tend to avoid those that are difficult to use on small, handheld devices.
• 61 percent look at only the first page of results.  As time becomes our most precious commodity, most people will not spend hours searching for results.  In fact, there is an unstated attitude that if results do not appear on the first page of a search engine, they are probably not worth a look.
• 96 percent of shoppers have researched a product with a smartphone.  Even if they do not own a smart phone themselves, most people are aware of their capabilities and have at least tested one out.
• 37 and 32 percent of those researchers, respectively, bought online or in-store, for a total of 69 percent conversion.  People who spend time searching are actively looking to purchase.  This is an incredibly rich market for those who want to reach these customers.
• 35 percent have purchased with smartphone and 31 percent expect to do so in the future.  As smart phone use becomes more common, more transactions will be done with these devices.

Smart phone marketing strategies are available and you can take advantage of them if you choose.  While you may not understand all the details of smart phone marketing, Orange County SEO can help you.  If you are in need of internet marketing for your business, please call Orange County SEO by dialing 949-494-0007.

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