Don’t Panic At Ratings Drop

A drop in ranking can paralyze the most intrepid internet marketer.  After all, if you are not at the top of the list on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you are missing out on a large share of the market.  Unfortunately, this sometimes happens to even the best of internet marketers, and all too often clients simply do not understand the complex factors that lead to this type of drop.

However, it is not wise to panic when this happens.  Instead of going off the deep end, try working with some tips from Julie Joyce at SEO Chicks.

Orange County SEO can give your website what it needs to function in today’s changing internet marketing world.  Our search engine optimization (SEO) team can help you determine why your internet traffic is at its current level and what you need to do to improve it.

Where Does Your Website Traffic Originate?

This is a basic question to which you should know the answer.  If you do not, it is time to find out.  If Bing customers are knocking down your doors, it makes little sense to change your whole marketing perspective to rank higher on Google.

Stop Doing the Algorithm Shuffle

You are never going to figure out all of Google’s crazy algorithmic dance steps, so do not wear yourself out trying.  Understanding the basics is your best bet to long-term rankings, anyway.  If you try to change too much at once, you will never know what worked and what did not, so stick with a plan for awhile to see if it makes a change in your outlook.  Be sure of one thing:  it will change again in the future, so there is no “bullet-proof” plan for using SEO.

Provide Great User Experiences

Website conversions are the key to sales, and no matter how high your Google ranking you will never land customers if they have bad experiences on your website.  Slow loading, sudden surprises like high shipping costs, and difficulty in using the site will drive anyone away, even from a number-one ranked site.

Focus Your Efforts Elsewhere

Marketing is really about selling time, so use yours wisely.  You should be diversifying your traffic if you want to insulate yourself against sudden changes, so maximize all areas of your advertising portfolio.

Do Not Wait For Disaster

Build windmills before the storm.  Of course you cannot anticipate everything that could happen, but you can run reasonable scenarios.  What would happen if Google changed algorithms (again) and you had to rely on other sources of advertising?  How strong are your foundational protocols and how well will they stand up to the sudden extinction of a source of advertising?

Orange County SEO can help you diversity your advertising budget through Google maps optimization, landing page conversion optimization, and social media marketing as well as a variety of other strategies.  By diversifying with our help, you can protect yourself from sudden changes in Google and other search engine protocols and bring in a larger audience for your website.

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