Questions to Ask About Optimizing Content

Have you ever wondered why it is so important to optimize content?  Of course, we all know we want our web pages to do well, but have you thought about what really goes into making a great webpage?  Unfortunately, many webmasters and web site owners never really thing about why they are told to optimize, so the process holds little value for them.

Orange County SEO has a highly trained team of experts ready to help you with your website.  Our landing page optimization service will ensure that your website is well optimized for Google’s algorithm.  We will help you make your website functional and reachable for your clients and help you devise ways to get people looking at and talking about your content.

Here are some questions you must ask as you begin optimizing your content to get the best performance out of your website.

  1. Am I theming my content?  What is your page about?  If you do not know, it may be time for that page to change or go.  If you cannot tell what your page is about, your visitors will certainly not be able to do so.
  2. Am I defining a purpose for my pages?  This is a little different than theme, but it springs from the same source:  a need to put your content out where people will see and grasp it.  If your goal is to generate discussion, you want content that will reflect this.  If it is to inform, you will use a different approach.
  3. Is my content going to remain relevant?  One problem with blogging about current events is that they may not stay current.  It helps to think about the future of your page as you are creating it; if it is about a terminal event, you will want to remove the page after an appropriate time period.
  4. Is my content optimized?  Given the other factors mentioned, optimization becomes more simplified.  When you know what your pages are about, keywords become much easier to generate.
  5. Am I making flexible decisions?  Decisions about your website should never be one-size-fits all but should flow from the realities of your purpose, theme, and other factors.  Use common sense when making decisions and listen to the feedback you receive.

Optimizing your content is a process, not an event.  When you choose to begin optimizing your website’s content, you may have many questions and few answers.  Of course, reading articles helps you to understand the process, but that does not mean that you are prepared to fix all the problems yourself.

If you want help optimizing your content and making your website a viable internet presence, talk to Orange County SEO.  We offer a variety of services to make your website great, including website design and development services.  When we work on your website, you know that you have turned the job over to professionals who will make your pages the very best they can be and will work with you to help you make good optimization decisions.

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