Second Tier Link Building

If you think that linking to pages that link to you is purely a spam concept, think again.  Second tier link building is a valid and useful concept if it is used correctly and you avoid the pitfalls that led so many websites to be punished for their “link wheel” approach when Google finally caught on to their tricks and decided to do something about link valuation.

In your Google Analytics, you should have a list of referrers that point back to your site.  Some are more valuable than others.  In fact, you could probably name a few that drive a great deal of business to your site.  We can call them “contributors” to distinguish them from websites that refer business to you only occasionally.

Your contributors have every right to send you business, and you have every right to capitalize on it.  How can you do this so that you do not trip alarms with the search engines that you are engaging in spam behavior?

The knowledgeable online marketing team at Orange County SEO can make all of your search engine optimization tasks easier by offering you assistance with link building, SEO strategy, and marketing plans.  Talk to Orange County SEO today about all of your Internet marketing needs.

Blog Posts as Conversion Mechanisms

One of the biggest gold mines of “contributions” to your web site’s link structure can be blog posts.  You can gain benefits from pushing links to domains that will also link to external sites like yours.  If you can create this relationship, you have a valid outgoing and inbound link structure that is very strong and drives business to your website from a trusted source.

In order to do this correctly, however, you need to have matching search terms.  While you can generate this yourself, it is nice when it happens naturally, and that means that you should be on the lookout for blogs that focus on your themes.  It is likely that one or more terms in the blog can be linked back to your website and you can build that double bond.

How Do I Build These Links?

The easiest way to do this is to ask the webmaster.  If your site has valuable content, the webmaster should have no trouble helping you forge this linking relationship.  Sometimes, however, you may have to take the bull by the horns.

Use your on-site SEO skills to accomplish this goal, with the help of programs like Google Adwords tool to find the terms with the strongest relevance to your website. You can also utilize competitive research tools like Spyfu.

It is not so difficult to build quality links when you go about it in the right way and lay the foundation by doing your homework before you attempt to linkbuild.

Orange County SEO is dedicated to helping our customers with their internet marking through targeted SEO link building services and other programs.  With Orange County SEO’s help, you can build a fantastic website that will bring internet traffic to your business.

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