Website Development – What Not to Do

One of the best ways to create a great website is by looking at the things that you shouldn’t do. There are tons of simple mistakes that website creators make that can be easily avoided. When looking to make a new website for your business, keep these ‘what not to do’ tips in mind. Working with professionals like the expert web developers at Orange County SEO can help, but as a business owner it is important that you know these what not to do’s.

Internet Explorer Only – Don’t make the mistake of creating a website that can only run on Internet Explorer. There are plenty of Internet users that are using browsers other than Internet Explorer, don’t miss out on these potential clients by making your website unreadable for them.

Watch your Technology – Yes, using advanced technology on your website can be a great way to get attention, but don’t use new technology just to use it. If it doesn’t have a purpose than you don’t need it on your business website.

Sound and Video – Don’t have sound or video start up automatically on your website. Users don’t like this. Plus, your viewers might be viewing your site from a location where sound or video could be inappropriate. You are likely to lose customers rather than impress them with this trick.

Tricky Navigation – You might want to gear your visitors to a specific part of your site, but don’t make the mistake of difficult navigation to other areas of your website. Make it obvious and clear how to get where they can find information on you and what you do. An easy to navigate site is a good site.

Overdo of Flash – Yes, Flash is a good thing to have on your site, but you also need content. A site with content is important. The best website is going to be one that has both flash and good content to offer viewers.

Overdo of Images – Images are important, but unless you need to have a photo gallery to show off what you offer, don’t overdo the images. Keep images to a minimum and if you need to have a bunch of photos, do this in a gallery and not page after page of photos.

The web developers at Orange County SEO can make sure that you avoid this simple website design mistakes and have a website that reflects your expertise in your field.

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