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Online Reputation Management Infographic


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Data Privacy Day is a big event in SEO circles.  This infographic covers information on Data Privacy Day. This “holiday” is held annually every January 28th. Data Privacy Day has the goal of increasing awareness of privacy and protection of data issues with consumers, government agencies, officials, and other organizations.

It is vitally important that you manage your online reputation carefully.  With the whole world on the web, a misstep in the area of reputation management can harm your business and your personal life.  Here are a few facts about your online persona that you may not know:

  • 56 percent of adults admit that they do not consider the consequences of their online activities.
  • 14 percent of adults say they have experienced negative consequences from online activity.
  • 21 percent of those experiencing negative consequences were fired from a job for something they did online.
  • 16 percent lost the opportunity to get a job because of online activity.
  • 16 percent lost their health insurance due to online activity.
  • 14 percent lost their opportunity to go to a particular college.
  • 15 percent were turned down for a mortgage due to online activity.

It is clear that what you do, say and post online can have an impact on your life, even long after you have forgotten it.

Because the Internet is not regulated, it is easy for people to post negative things about you, as well.  These negative posts can come back to haunt you in a variety of ways.  It is not only necessary to monitor your own online activity but also to monitor what others are saying about you online.  This means strategies that identify possible negative material and deal with it in a way that neutralizes its effects if possible.

This may sound impossible.  After all, the Internet is a big place and it is easy to get lost or to fail to find everything posted about you.  The good news is that if you can find it, it is probably fairly easy for others to do so, so you can concentrate your efforts on those items.  Conversely, if you cannot find it, it is probably harder for others to find as well, so may not be as important.

However, ignoring obvious negative online topics or posts is not an option.  The way you choose to handle negative information can also have an impact on your online reputation.  For example, you may find that you are tempted to respond negatively to a complaint or negative post.  However, your negative reaction may make the problem worse instead of better.  There are ways to handle negative publicity that can increase others’ respect for you; there are also ways to handle it that may cause others to perceive you even more negatively.

Your online reputation is important and you cannot leave the results to chance. If you need professional help with your business or personal online reputation management, please contact Orange County SEO to learn how we can help.


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