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What is link bait? This infographicgives you the answer to that question and shares important points about the link baiting process.

Link bait is designed to drive traffic to your website or attract attention from other websites.  Link bait is one of the most successful link building methods to generate interest and links to your information.  However, link baiting can be a powerful tool or a destructive weapon, depending on how you use it.  It is not advisable to begin a link building campaign without understanding the limitations of links and the damage that can be done with the wrong link-building strategies.

There are a series of steps to be followed if you want to use the power of link baiting to build traffic to your website.  Follow these steps to utilize the real power of link baiting.

  • Step 1—Brainstorming.  Brainstorm possible ways to focus on your website’s topic.  This should be a group effort, if possible; the more people involved in this process, the more creative and appealing your ideas will be.  Value input from every source, especially employees who work directly with your customers.  These employees often have a more accurate view of customer needs and wants than those in higher positions.
  • Step 2—Production.  Link bait should be simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, appeal to emotion, and tell a good story.  In order to create quality link bait, you have to stand out, especially if you are competing for link with other, similar sites.
  • Step 3—Publication and promotion.  Create, edit, refine, and brand your content to produce quality link bait.  For publication, you should decide on content placement, enable easy sharing, use news aggregators, reach out to bloggers, and reach out through Twitter.  Promotion is essential in a successful link bait campaign.  In order to get your message out to as many people as possible, you must consider the ways in which you will reach out to those who will spread the word and link back to your site on their own websites or promote your brand through social networking.
  • Step 4—Reviewing and enhancing.  Be sure to review and enhance your link bait with updates and better content, and monitor your results to see if you are getting the outcomes you expect and want for your hard work.
  • Step 5—Measuring results.  You do not know if your link bait campaign is working unless you can measure the results.  It is critical to have a defined way of doing this so that you can determine not only how effective the campaign is as a whole but also how effective each part of your campaign is and where you can make improvements.

Orange County SEO can help you create, refine and measure your results from link bait campaigns.  Contact the experts at Orange County SEO today to learn how link baiting can help you improve website traffic and drive customers toward your site where they can see for themselves your great products and services.

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