Five Ways to Build Profitable Mobile Applications


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Mobile applications or “apps” are rapidly emerging as the next great marketing frontier.  Certainly they are foundational to marketing your products or services to the smart phone generation.  However, many people feel incapable of dealing with apps and tend to ignore their importance in today’s marketing world.  This is unfortunate, because building profitable apps does not have to be impossible or even difficult with the right help and information.

There are several pieces of information you need before you decide on the right apps for your business.  You should know your advertising budget, the type of advertising that would work well with your program, and the projected percentage of active users.  Once you have answered these questions, you are ready to plan for app use and advertising.

What happens inside the Android factory?  This infographic flowchart gives you five ways to build profitable mobile applications.  The flowchart allows you to trace the type of business you have and how you want to advertise through a series of questions that narrow down your choice of app types.  Here are some examples:

  • In-app ads—These advertisements should be used by apps that have natural spots for banners and those that do not use virtual currency.  These are the quickest and easiest app advertising opportunities.  However, they can be intrusive.  Some app users find banner ads off-putting, but most will tolerate them for the sake of downloading free apps.
  • Pay per downloads—Downloads that cost money should be used by apps without high budgets or large numbers of users.  Users do not mind paying for very specialized apps, but they expect commonly-available programs to be free.  You should only charge for apps that are unique and have particular value to users.
  • Freemium—These apps should be used by games with virtual currency.  Setting up a virtual currency system can be time consuming and costly, so be sure this app is working for you to bring in customers before investing your time and budget in a large-scale project.  It might be worthwhile to try this type of app in a limited market before launching it to a larger audience.
  • Notifications—These advertisements should be used by apps without a natural spot for banners.  Notifications are somewhat less intrusive than ads, but should still be used sparingly.  Notifications can bring your users’ attention to important points or information quickly, so this type of advertising is very useful if you have “sound bites” to share with your users.
  • Paid apps—These types of apps should be used by apps that offer unique products or services and those with high advertising budgets.  Paid apps have several different types of rate structures so it is important for you to know your options when choosing this advertising.

Orange County SEO can help you determine the best types of apps and advertising for your particular business.  Give us a call so that we can help you find the right app strategy to help your business grow.

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