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Google recently came out with its official developers resources and recommendations to build smartphone optimized sites. SEOMoz has done a great job of boiling these complicated strategies down to a few useful tips that can be easily implemented by any SEO manager.  Read on to find out about the best questions to ask to build sites that transfer easily into the smartphone world.

Orange County SEO can help you maximize your potential in the smartphone market.  Our mobile app development department will show you the best ways to ensure that your mobile customer traffic stays at its peak.  With help from Orange County SEO, you will soon have both a “regular” and “smartphone” site that will allow you to take your business to your customers no matter where they go.

  1. What type of customer uses my site on his/her smartphone? Use Google Analytics to find out how many mobile users you have.  Google Analytics has a mobile devices section.  There you will find the operating system, provider, resolutions, and types of handhelds your users are currently employing.  You can also use the advanced features of Google Analytics to track organic traffic, or the site flow through your mobile client’s devices.  You should also use Google Webmaster Tools to see how your site is appearing to mobile clients and judge whether it is optimized to make a great first impression.
  2. What type of mobile web is better for my site?  There are many options to consider when you are choosing the type of mobile web you should use, and this is why it is important to understand first the type of devices your customers are using.  Not every device works equally well with every type of mobile web app, so you do not want to use the wrong website strategy only to find that your customers are not getting the benefit of your work.  Ideally, a “responsive” website is your goal.  You can also use dynamic serving in the URLs to customize your site for feature phone users.  As a last resort, try a parallel site in an “m” subdomain.  This is the least responsive option but will give your users your content, even if it takes some time to load.
  3. How can Google find my mobile site?  If your site is not responsive, your content will appear identically to both desktop and mobile users.  Be sure your dynamic serving is working well.  Be prepared for “m” subdomains to take longer to load and to have more issues.  No matter which type of website you have, you should also understand that to the Google bot, the content is the same.  “Cloaking” is not an issue because you are not hiding content, simply presenting it through parallel URLs.

Orange County SEO can not only help with your subdomain issues and smartphone strategies; we can also offer you professional website design and development assistance to make your desktop and mobile versions the very best they can be.

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