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This infographicillustrates a three-part lesson in landing page construction.

First, many landing pages are unnecessarily complex. The formula for success is relatively simple, after all: take in more than you pay out.

Many companies have forgotten this basic business formula, especially those that deal in internet marketing. If you are not focusing on ROI, you have lost the purpose of your advertising campaign.

A landing page is a document where your customers “land.” The simple question is, “what do your customers do when they get there?” If the answer is not “buy” or “enroll,” something is not right. That is all you really need to know about landing pages from a business perspective.

When creating a landing page, your goal is to get the information your customer wants to him or her as quickly as possible. No matter how many neat links, videos, and infographics you put up, if your customers leave without buying, your web page is essentially worthless.  This process is known as “conversion”—converting browsers into paying customers, and it is the lifeblood of any ad campaign, website relaunch or other SEO tactics you may use in promoting your business.

There is an old story about a man in the desert who had been without water for several days. He came upon a spot on which there were two documents. The first was a 46-page water-use study, and the second was a piece of paper that said, “Water located six feet down. Start digging.” Which was the more useful to the man in the desert?

Offer thirsty customers water and they will drink. Offer them a treatise on why they should drink water and they will leave. It is really that simple.

A website landing page needs three basic parts. You can add more, but these three must always be present.

• One sentence that describes exactly what your product is or your service does. Be brief and precise and give important information that most people will want.  Make the sentence simple and eye-catching so that visitors will be led to explore more fully.  Remember, you only have a few seconds to convince customers to stay on your website.
• One call to action to tell visitors what to do. This should take visitors directly into the buying stage.  A good call to action is not preachy or salesy but encourages people to do what they already want to do:  buy something from your site.
• One item that adds credibility to your product and encourages buyers to buy. This could be as simple as a phone number to call for more information or a testimonial by a satisfied customer.Convincing customers that they are doing the right thing by buying from you is the goal of all sales techniques, and this is your chance to shine by showing customers that they are making a good decision with your product or service.

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