New AdWords Feature Allows Advertisers to Share Budgets

Much to the delight of some advertisers, Google’s AdWords has released a new feature that allows them to share their budgets across multiple campaigns.  Marketers can now reallocate budgetary funds at their own discretion, based on volume of sales across multiple channels.

This new “Shared library” feature resides in the section under Budgets and can be accessed easily through AdWords dashboard.  It recounts beginning at the time of use, so if you start the program in the middle of a work day, it proceeds as if nothing had been spent the day before.
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Is Budget Sharing A Good Idea?

Many users have given positive responses to this new feature in Google AdWords.  They like the fact that you can instantly allocate funds to high-performing ad campaigns and feel that this will remove a great deal of work from already-overworked ad managers.  Instead of having to run reports on each campaign and compare them “by hand,” you can now instantly change funds to reflect your emphasis on a particular brand, campaign, or account and receive updated reports whenever you like.

However, there are critics of the plan.  Some SEO directors are concerned that impression share of high-volume websites will lead to disastrous allocation of budget dollars to high-paying accounts while leaving smaller accounts vacant.  If one account is outperforming another due to a high popular keyword density, that account might show very well until the keyword popularity declines.  At that point, what could have been a viable advertising campaign may already have died on the vine from lack of funding.

Of course, some of this is just marketing common sense.  If an ad campaign is not paying off, there is only a certain amount of value in holding on to it.  On the other hand, money is not the bottom line for some ad campaigns, especially for those that hinge on getting important information to the public, so ad campaign managers must learn to designate funds so that important but low-volume campaigns are adequately funded while the maximum amount of available money goes to higher-producing products or campaigns that will bring in revenue.

Ultimately, it is up to the advertising manager to make those types of judgments.  If a manager uses any one tool to make all decisions, he or she is likely to miss some important concepts, so using the new AdWords budget sharer is only likely to hurt managers who are not doing the other work necessary to evaluate campaigns.

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