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It’s the fight of the decade—Facebook vs. Twitter.

Social media moguls are continually arguing about which platform is the most relevant, but the honest answer is: it depends. Social media is very audience-specific, so you can use both Facebook and Twitter, the two most popular platforms, simultaneously for different purposes.

The truth is that the two platforms share little in common, although most people lump them together under the aegis of “social media.”  Facebook is designed for sharing information in a sustainable format that relies on building a group of friends.  Facebook posts can be long or short, can include graphics or videos, and is very visually-oriented.  Furthermore, Facebook’s “like” feature allows users to vote on their feelings about relevant posts.

Twitter, on the other hand, is a micro-blogging site that is geared to real-time interaction.  A “tweet” simply shares information.  While people can respond to tweets, there is not the feeling of a “conversation” that happens on Facebook.  Instead, Twitter users focus on “retweeting” popular posts—their version of voting on content.  The differences between these two platforms mean that they are designed to serve different purposes:  Facebook for social exchange and Twitter for information dissemination.  Fortunately, savvy advertisers can take advantage of both platforms by adjusting their use to specific needs.

For example, a marketing strategy for both Facebook and Twitter might include a longer Facebook post linking to a sales page on your website.  Visitors can click on the link to see current offers and can “like” your sale to be entered into a giveaway drawing, perhaps.  The same information can be pushed out on Twitter in the form of links to specific web offers or chances to enter the drawing contest by retweeting the information a certain number of times.  While both campaigns have the same ultimate goal—to draw visitors to your website—they accomplish the goal in different ways with different audiences, sometimes with little overlap between the two.

According to this infographic, the comparison between the two platforms also hinges on several other factors, such as range and social implications. People on Facebook tend to know each other, while many people on Twitter are strangers. Twitters tends to be easier to navigate, while Facebook is a bit more complicated. However, Facebook is considered more functional than Twitter.

Twitter’s following is growing at a rapid rate among young users, while Facebook still holds the numbers advantage.

Ultimately, users of both platforms have specific needs and desires. By meeting those requirements, your company can successfully use both platforms with targeted marketing strategies optimized for the type of social media you are using.

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