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All of your customers are using some form of social network. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus networks are swarming with people trying to find the products and services they crave. Social media is changing the way that businesses initiate and maintain relationships with their clients. However, social networks are very sensitive, and your reputation is at stake. One wrong move, and you can destroy your image.

Our team has the finesse and experience you need. Since every social network is different, we have thoroughly tested and proven specific methods for each. Our team has mastered social marketing on almost a dozen different platforms. Let us help you safely engage the users in your network.

No followers? No problem. We know all the tricks to create buzz, generate an explosion of fans and followers, and connect you with thousands of qualified customers. We build your online community, enhance and promote your brand, and generate new customers.

Social Media is Measurable

We can prove it. Do not listen to anyone telling you that you can’t track and measure social media marketing initiatives. You absolutely can. We do it every day. Likes, shares, recommends, votes, plus ones, tweets, retweets, pins, and all other forms of engagement are measurable.

Engagement is the currency of social media. No engagement, and you will not convert those users into customers. Interact with your followers in the right way, and you turn them into buyers. These interactions are crucial, because they define your brand’s personality and set the tone of what ‘could be’ a lifetime relationship with a customer or client. We can help you with these interactions, and ensure they result in new business.

We call this Social ROI – return on interaction. And yes, we actually track it.

We create a social media strategy custom tailored to meet your specific marketing needs. You will have a team of dedicated social media experts with a proven track record of creating dynamic online brands and generating new sales.

Planning & Strategy

Whether you’ve been given the task of utilizing a social media budget, or just need help formulating a strategy for your brand or project, we can help you create an appropriate strategy. Our professional and friendly staff will evaluate your needs, discover opportunity, then craft a detailed plan that when executed, leverages the power of social media and ensures your long term success

Implementation Guideline

Did you already determine what you wish to do with social media, yet you require assistance in navigating a complicated and subjective landscape? We will work with you in order to assure your brand’s integrity, compliance with the various mediums, and help you execute according to the best practices for future communication and development.

Software Recommendations

Just like there are many search engine optimization tools, there are even more social media tools because of the bigger audience and burst of open source software technology. Locating tools to track opportunities, performance, management and more could be daunting. We may make recommendations based upon the nature of your brand’s initiatives, the social environments you participate in, and your budget.

Social Media Audit

We provide a detailed analysis of your website or brand presence across the different social networks, and plan a multitude of methods for improving it. Not every website has a presence on MySpace or Digg, therefore we customize our analysis around relevant mainstream tactics and niche opportunities.

Competitive Analysis

Is the competition doing a great job with blogs, videos, widgets, linkbait, or community building? We will examine their tactics and prospective service providers, and establish action alerts which will provide you instant feedback to begin implementing to take control of your online space.

Social Profile Development

Your business needs a professional and appropriate presence in particular social networks. We will identify the vital communities you need to be participating in, and determine where individuals are chatting about you. Additionally, we assist you in creating and managing your own social media profiles in order to attract traffic and leverage the 2-way conversation.

Facebook Marketing

We offer many ways to help build and engage your community on Facebook. We begin by creating a Facebook Page (business profile) that helps to attract fans, create polls, post events and develop interactive applications to encourage fan participation. Then we create regular content to build your brand and convert fans into customers.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has changed the way that customers communicate with companies on the web. This micro blogging platform is a powerful way to promote new deals and events in real-time. We use it to post product updates, to update clients on current information, or simply to make suggestions and share information of interest with followers. Our Twitter marketing program builds your follower base, engages with clients and prospects, and promotes your brand online.

Google Plus Marketing

Since its launch in June 2011, Google+ has already become the fastest growing social network in modern history. Google+ is more than another social network. It is the bridge between search and social media. It will change how people find your business. That’s why Orange County SEO has launched the first and only program of its kind – a monthly Google+ Marketing Program that builds on all the best SEO and social media strategies to help you create new leads.

LinkedIn Marketing

Did you know that 65% of companies have used LinkedIn to increase sales? That’s because LinkedIn is an amazing resource that lets you grow your network and establish yourself as an industry leader.

In business, relying on your social network is the smartest thing you can do when making a decision. When it comes to the Internet, business relationships still matter. We help you build your online presence in a real and trustworthy way. We help you create new business opportunities by proving you’re the industry expert. We use LinkedIn to help you interact with clients, drive traffic and create new business opportunities.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is not just another social network. It is an amazing new way to get your products found, shared and purchased on the web. Since its launch 2010, Pinterest has become one of the most powerful forces in viral marketing. Companies of all sizes are using Pinterest to reach a new audience, increase visits to their websites, and generate leads or retail sales.

Our social marketing programs build on all the best social media strategies and platforms to connect with customers, drive traffic, and increase sales.

Badge Creation & Strategy

Do you wish to spread happiness to your users by providing them something that is relevant or useful to them? We develop interactive badges which are going to position you as an authority within the field and possess obvious link-building advantages.

Widget Strategy Creation: We will examine your site and see if you’d benefit from any interactive widget campaign. It will include identifying which kind of widget might work for your website, and its possibility for success, and what the competition are (or aren’t) doing, as well as how you could improve upon that.

Blog Design, Optimization and/or Setup: Blogs set up incorrectly will not attract readers or bring you the search engine benefits you are after. We help you discover the ideal blogging platform for your requirements, assist you in optimizing your blog for success from the start, and show you how you can fix it to make it to make it more accessible to search engines and users alike.

Blog Strategy Creation: Let us help you develop a blog plan which carves a space for your personal or corporate brand in the greater blog atmosphere. It may involve crafting concepts for blog posts, writing these posts themselves, teaching you how you can comment on additional blogs to build up awareness, and a lot more.

Community Building Plan Creation: We will outline what communities are worth observing, what your competitors are doing, and how to naturally enter those communities and form relationships. This strategy will also teach you how you can identify the vital conversations within your field, and how, when, and to whom you can reach out to.

Community Observance: Do you not possess an in-house staff which you could allocate community building to? Nobody knows your industry and services better than you, yet if you want assistance, we can observe the communities that are important to you. We will track your competitors, your brand, your keywords, and anything else you hand us to monitor. Our team is traind to proactively respond to negative and positive mentions alike. We are specialized in online reputation management, and those programs often include social initiatives.

Check out a complete listing of our obtainable Internet marketing services, or call us right away to see how we can assist your brand or website.

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