Grow Your Twitter Account with Followerwonk

Social media is a must-have tool for SEOs.  SEOmoz PRO members can now take advantage of a new free program to manage social accounts outreach and add value to your growing presence in the SM world.  The name of this amazing program?  Followerwonk!

Followerwonk allows you to search for specific users, make comparisons in user lists, find stats on your users, and track for wins and losses.

If you are concerned about your social media presence, Orange County SEO can help you with social media marketing and management.  Our experts can help you ensure that your SM presence is the best it can be through the use of tools like Followerwonk.

SEOmoz is the exclusive owner of Followerwonk, and their management claims that you can use the program to do things you have never dreamed of with SM marketing.  Followerwonk is free to anyone with an SEOmoz PRO account; just link with your Twitter account and go!

Here are four tips from the folks at SEOmoz to help you use “Wonk” effectively.

  • Bio Search feature.  This feature gives you a look into the Tweet graph, and allows you to outreach, look for particular types of users, and generally track who is following your social media posts.  Use the “more options” feature to look for synonyms for search terms, such as “doctor” and “physician.”  You can also look for geo-search terms, such as people near Los Angeles.  This is a great way to connect to people in cities you are planning to visit before you arrive.  You can also use this tool to target specific events or shared interests.
  • Compare users.  This tool allows you to see who your followers have following them.  If you find cross-connections—in other words, followers of two other Twitter accounts who do not follow yours—you can identify SMEs and others you might want to target.
  • Analyze followers.  You can plug in your own account to this feature and analyze who follows at what times.  This allows you to calculate how many people are actually “listening” when you send a tweet.  You may want to restructure your tweet times or re-tweet based on this information.
  • Track followers.  This shows a timeline of both new and lost followers.  It helps you to find the days when you gain the most followers (or lose the most) and to analyze what you were doing that day.  This is a useful tool when you are launching new blog posts or other information to determine how many followers were lost or gained relative to content.

Social media management is not easy, and every SEO manager needs all the help he or she can get in the fight to get and keep followers.  Followerwonk can definitely make this difficult job easier.  You can also get pointers and tips from an Orange County SEO expert that will help you make the most of your social media presence, as well as help with SEO link building services and other issues that can make a big difference in your web presence.

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