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Occupy SEO!  This infographic discusses some of the trends in SEO strategy.

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SEO is an ever-changing field that requires constant study.  Fortunately, you do not necessarily have to study SEO yourself to learn the basic premises and to hire competent SEO specialists.  However, it does pay to keep up with the trends so that you know your own SEO campaign is founded in sound principles.

SEO experts are branching out into a wide variety of topics these days and staying abreast of the latest trends requires some reading and study.  Furthermore, SEO experts are beginning to demand professional respect in their own right as the field becomes more specialized and the knowledge base deeper.

Occupy SEO!  This infographic discusses some of the trends in SEO strategy.

Some of the trending topics include:

  • Users choose organic search results over paid results 94 percent of the time.  Think about that—all the companies paying big money for paid results are reaching only six percent of customers.  This type of advertising is suitable for large corporations, perhaps, but rarely is it the right choice for small businesses.
  • The foundation of good SEO has not changed:  content, linking, and site architecture.  The Big 3 make you successful, and you ignore any of them at your own peril.  Furthermore, do not look for a change in this basic foundation any time soon, no matter what technological advances occur.  After all, the basic engine that drives your car has hardly changed in 100 years, although the outside looks a bit different.  Good SEO is the same—underneath the flash, the same basic engine still drives search results.
  • New additions to the SEO arsenal include social media, user engagement, and thoughtful analysis.  These are not really “new” additions; rather, SEO experts are beginning to look at them in very different ways and to realize the power they have to boost traffic.  Most importantly, SEO experts are starting to understand how these topics relate to conversion rates.
  • Social media is accounting for an ever-larger portion of attention from SEO experts, with 91 percent stating that website traffic improves with social media marketing and 79 percent believing social media generates quality leads.
  • Social media reaches 80 percent of the population.  If you ignore 80 percent of the population, the chances are your business will not do very well.
  • Facebook and Twitter are still the two most popular platforms for social marketing.
  • 93 percent of marketers use tools like Google Analytics to dissect website traffic patterns and user actions.  There is a good reason for this—these tools are easy to use and provide a wealth of information.  If your SEO expert is not using them, something may be wrong.
  • In the analytics arena, 57 percent of SEO experts use conversion tracking, 41 percent use A/B or multivariate testing, and 24 percent use multi-channel attribution.
  •  SEO marketing will account for $600 billion in spending by 2016.
  • The advent of Panda and Penguin algorithms mean that old-style SEO is no longer viable.
  • SEO marketers must stand up for the value of their work.

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