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Think about one of your favorite websites. What is it that you like about that site? Is it easy to use?  It is set up in a visually pleasing way? Is it interactive and interesting? How did you find this site?

When you see an attractive and successful website, there is likely a professional web designer behind the work.  You see, creating a successful website isn’t a simple process. It actually takes a lot of work and you’ve got to understand some Internet marketing principles that not everyone is aware of.

There are many web site services out there helping more and more average Internet users figure out how to create beautiful sites, but what these web site services lack is the ability to teach the more in-depth skills that are needed to make these sites truly successful. Web designers are in the business of creating successful websites, and they train and work hard to develop these skills.

Some of the important pieces that go into successful creation of a website are things like SEO, social media marketing, link building, and web design that incorporates intuitive use standards.  But what you might not realize is that there are right ways and wrong ways to do all of these things.

Web content is an important part of your website.  Content is the text, the actual words that people read when they visit your site.  These words need to be well written and concise.  If you have too much information on each page, people just won’t read it.  You might be thinking that pages of writing will help you with SEO because of keywords, but this isn’t the way to use keywords successfully.

The content on your site should also have pictures and interesting, topic-related images for viewers to look at.  Often, people will be drawn to your site by an image that they come across.  This is another area where you need to be careful.  You don’t want a site overflowing with images.  They should be relevant and topical.

You also need to look at how easy the navigation of your website will be for users.  Is it clear how to get more information?  How do the site pages flow together?  Is it intuitive or confusing?  If you didn’t know anything about your business or services would the website still make sense?  These might seem like obvious questions, but you might be surprised how many home grown websites don’t pay attention to these simple steps.  There is more to website development than just SEO, online marketing, and social media, and Orange County SEO is prepared to help.

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