Making Changes Without Taking Huge Risks

There is no doubt about it, change is stressful.  Even good change brings a certain amount of stress, and bad change can paralyze a person–or an ad campaign.  However, this brings us to a dilemma:  if you do not change occasionally, you do not grow and you or your ad or product eventually wither and die.  How can you change positively but without taking the high level of risk involved in sudden, drastic measures?

For yourself, gradual change may be best.  Why not apply that thinking to your advertising strategy, as well?  Gradual changes based on time-honored and proven techniques may be just the thing to give your ad campaign some new life.

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SEO–Positioning Is Important

One way to greatly improve your market impact is through positioning.  Positioning does not involve a change in your basic marketing strategy, per se:  instead, it allows you to change the position from which you approach a certain group or type of user.  You can tailor your positioning to meet the requirements of various groups of customers without ever changing your basic product or premise.

For example, suppose you are marketing a new soft drink.  To young people, you can market it by emphasizing that it is packaged in environmentally-safe packaging.  On the other hand, older potential customers may appreciate knowing that the soft drink is low in sugar.  These two groups have different tastes and goals, but you can market the same product to both without changing the product one bit.

There are several types of positioning that you can use in online marketing.

Vertical Positioning—Subsets

PPC management  and paid search marketing is a subset of SEO marketing, which is a subset of online marketing, which is a subset of general marketing.  These subsets form a column known as a vertical, with an established hierarchy of categorization.

In terms of positioning, you can move up or down the vertical with your marketing strategy.  Marketers understand a different aspect of this vertical than individual clients with special needs.  For a small business just starting out in the advertising field, you want to address a holistic marketing approach.  For a large firm that already does SEO marketing, you want to tailor your discussion to PPC advertising.

In order to use the vertical approach, think about the subsets that exist in your client base.  Can you identify the different verticals and subsets you can target with specified approaches?

Time Positioning

Time positioning, or horizontal positioning as it is sometimes called, refers to when someone buys something.  You can target buyers in various stages of the buying process through horizontal positioning.

A good example of this is hybrid and electric vehicles.  Many people are truly unfamiliar with exactly how these cars work, so a general, educational approach may draw them in.  For those who already have an electric car, targeted horizontal positioning might focus on upgrades and new additions to the cars’ systems.


If your product is already well-known to the audience, isolation of a particular feature can allow you to reposition easily.  In this case, you are focusing on a “new” or “improved” aspect of a product rather than the product as a whole.


One of the hottest ways to reposition is to bundle products or services to appeal to different verticals or subsets.  Billionaires have made their fortunes using this device:  take something that already exists and combine it with new approaches or in new configurations so that people really think they have something brand new or something that is a terrific bargain.

You could bundle a set of products that, uninteresting in themselves, have a special draw when combined.  You could also appeal to peoples’ sense of saving by giving them “more for less” when they purchase an entire set or bundle.  Think about cable and cell phone packages:  you would hardly make the trip to the store to buy phone insurance, but you will often take it as part of a low-priced introductory offer–and pay for it ever after.

Orange County SEO can help you determine your marketing niches and tailor your marketing to these groups with search engine optimization and other tools.

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