Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of your entire online marketing program. SEO is the most powerful and effective way to get your company found on the web. This increased web presence attracts new customers which grows your business. Our affordable SEO services are designed to place your business in the right place, in front of the right person; your next new customer.

How important is your SEO company?

Lets take a look at the statistics:

  • 95% of customers research using Search Engines before buying
  • 91% of customers contact a business immediately after searching
  • 83% of search engine traffic goes to the top 3 ORGANIC results

We use SEO to stamp an organic footprint on the web, giving you a long-term system for growth. While paid search (PPC) ads go away the minute you stop paying, SEO gives you permanent online presence that is undeniably powerful. Most importantly, sustainable.We understand that every business is different. Your campaign’s initiatives will be focussed around your goals, your budget, and your revenue objectives. We customize every single one of our client’s campaigns, prioritizing objectives to ensure your success in the best way possible. We invite you to be involved in setting the goals and objectives for your success.
Search engine optimization is a dynamic, continuously evolving science. A science powered by math. Search engine companies like Google have the best mathematicians in the world, sitting around with their high powered calculators determining the best equations for ranking qualitity websites. It is our job to understand those equations.

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Our trained analysts and experts eat Google patents for breakfast. Patents? Yes. Google files a patent for every single ranking algorithm equation they use. They are required to by law. We have access to them, and our team devours them on a daily basis. We study them collectively like a manual. We find that a lot of black coffee is good to wash them down.

We also take the time to completely understand and master your business plan, your website, and especially your competition. We work with you directly to determine the best course of action for your success through SEO.

We have a program for every company or organization. Our clients range from small one-man shops and Fortune 500 corporations. We work with your budget, not ours. We are personally involved in our clients’ successes. We treat your business success as if its our own. We know how important it is for you to have total control over your online presence, and see a measurable return on your investment (ROI). Your SEO campaign must deliver rankings that result in explosive growth.

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Our SEO methodology evolves and is constantly improving to ensure that our clients get the absolute best results possible. Here’s a brief rundown:

Competitive Analysis

We create a baseline competitive analysis that outlines how your site can benefit from our SEO services. Our competitor research is extremely thorough. We strive to completely understand your business so we can have all the information needed to eliminate all competition. Our job is to exceed each and every competitor’s online efforts. We will show you where and how to boost your website’s traffic volume and connect with buyers.

Website Analysis

We will examine your website to identify technical errors that hinder your performance, and find opportunities to improve. Google’s more recent algorithm updates such as Panda, and Penguin, have been affecting websites all across the world. We have the solution. Our detected experts will work around the clock until your site’s user experience and static elements are exceeding all expectations. We offer a diagnostic test for your website that includes checks for broken links, canonical issues, page speed, site architecture, URL names, images and/or multimedia elements, well organized sitemaps and many other technical ranking factors.

Keyword Research

Precise keyword selection is required for successful SEO. It’s also critical to your business’s success. Choosing the right keywords will determine how your website is ranked. The keywords you rank for determine the quantity and quality of visitors that find your website. We take keyword research to a whole new level by exploring and discovering the best keywords for traffic, conversions, and growth. Our criteria for keyword selection follows our 3 R’s:

  • Relevant – keywords will be specifically relevant to your business, product, or service.
  • Reachable – keywords will be realistic targets, selected for fastest ROI
  • ROI – keywords will increase revenue, leads, sales, subscribers..

We work with you directly to create a complete keyword list and strategy.

Content Development

The content on your website must be created around the proper keywords associated with your company’s products and services. You need unique, exclusive content on your pages with frequent updates to provide new information and freshness. Due to Google’s Panda Update, the crawlers are now able to determine your site’s overall subject authority based on your content. That’s why your website needs a complete content development strategy. We will create industry focussed content themes for you to increase rankings for your best keywords, and drive traffic from hundreds of search points.

Onsite Optimization

After careful relevant keyword selection for every page on your site, we construct search engine friendly HTML code that search engine crawlers read and assess to determine the ranking of your site for every search result. Onsite optimization includes all meta content (title tags, alt tags, alt texts and descriptions) that guide crawlers around your site while determining your site’s value.

Offsite Promotion

Offsite promotion and optimization of your website increases the popularity, value and relevancy of your site and gets you ranked higher in search engines. Offsite promotion gets the search engine crawlers’ attention and brings them to your site as much as possible.

Advanced Link Building Strategy

Domain authority, or “TrustRank” is a sophisticated metric that is often very difficult to improve. One of the biggest challenges website owners have is increasing the domain authority of their websites. Google, Yahoo, and Bing make it very difficult, requiring a variety of link building sources from highly trusted domains before they assign any sort of trust to a website. We have developed a very effective, white hat link building strategy that leverages trusted sources to gain the website authority that you need.

SEO Tracking, Consulting and Reporting

National Analytics, our tracking platform, is one of the most powerful SEO management tools available. We use it to systematically track, implement and deliver meaningful ROI. Finally, we provide you with a project management team full of SEO experts who are focused on your ongoing optimization. Our ongoing consulting is data driven. Every day, we are reviewing and analyzing your website for progress and ranking improvements. We keep a close watch on the most important details, ensuring prompt and proactive actions the move you forward faster. Our reporting includes many things like:

  • Implementation Reporting
  • Initiative Summaries
  • Ranking Reports
  • Press Release Publications
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • Link Building Reports
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Code Changes
  • Design Changes
  • Access to Content
  • Account Management
  • Campaign Optimization Tools
  • Strategic Reviews and Assessments
  • Scheduling
  • much more..

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We are extremely thorough, documenting in detail every step and action we take. Every move forward is calculated, executed, and measured. We can include any additional customized reporting you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our unsurpassed search engine optimization programs. We look forward to helping you acheive your goals.

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