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We create powerful marketing materials that sell your products and services. To be successful in business, you need content that has personality, maintains a consistency, effectively highlights your key differentiators, and emphasizes your superior features and benefits for your potential customers. Whether you are looking for SEO content, press releases, newsletters, advertising copy, or other collateral and sales letters, we are here to assist you.

Do not underestimate the importance of good copywriting and content. Your potential customers are reading your web pages, trying to decide whether or not to trust you. Their decision swings on how well you communicate the value of what you offer.

Have you ever been reading a website, and felt bored out of your mind? Sure you have. You’ve also had the experience when you felt captured, intrigued, well-informed, and even seduced by the explosive and persuasive writing style of the publisher. Dramatic difference, right?

Written language is powerful, and extremely important when it comes to marketing your business or profession. Your online and offline content must serve as your salesperson. It must be intelligent, enthusiastic, informative, yet graceful.

Web Content for Consumers

Typically, consumers scan a page for relevant information. Less than 15% of them read the entire page and 85% of them exit the website within a minute if they don’t find what they are looking for; for that reason, we provide consumer friendly pages with:

  • - Valuable keyword-rich text.
  • - Informative, concise and easy to read text.
  • - Eye catching, interesting headings.
  • - Persuasive, high converting calls to action.

Web Content for Search Engine Spiders

Relevant, well written content is king; it is one of the major features of a top ranking website. A competitive search engine optimization strategy will not fail to recognize this important factor. Our copywriters write to satisfy both the online consumers and the search engine crawlers. We write unique and compelling web content that is pertinent to your industry, optimized for organic search engine rankings, making your company an authority to both spiders and consumers. As a result, your site will be in the best position to capture and convert qualified visitors and increase your number of sales.

The search engine’s mission is to provide online users with high quality, relevant results for specific, contextual keyword searches. Search engine spiders (computer programs) are dispatched to crawl web pages. Every page crawled gets evaluated and scored according to the current algorithm, which happens to be heavily weighted on semantic relationship and language quality. Put simply, if the pages meet specific criteria, they are indexed and ranked based on their relevance and validity.

All web content we create meets strict criteria:

  • - Appropriately themed pages.
  • - Automatically authoritative, valuable and citation worthy.
  • - Proper keyword densities.
  • - LSI (latent semantic indexing) standards.
  • - Unique, original content.
  • - Structurally sound, organized, and well written.
  • - Ideal word counts (custom & specific to industry.
  • - Proper internal linking to other appropriate pages and topics.
  • - Positive sentiment, passion, and strength.

Writing content for users and search engines is an art that must be grounded in strong marketing and technical mastery. When all the essential elements are in place, your content will help you achieve your most important Internet marketing goals.

Your content should accomplish two very important goals:

  1. 1) Rank highly in the search results, bringing your website visitor traffic.
  2. 2) Attract, inform, seduce, and convert those visitors into your business.

Other Important Considerations

Key Differentiators: Have you positioned your product and/or service to clearly define why you are different from your competitor? Have you touched on the pain-points that your product and/or service eases? Why do they need you?

Defining Features: Effective marketing materials define the nature of your product and/or service and enumerate all the features that would be of interest to the prospective consumer.

Target Audience: Did you write your marketing material with your target audience in mind? Do not write your collateral without doing a demographic study of your prospects.

Effective Content: Is your collateral easy to understand? Does it flow smoothly and rapidly without causing confusion? Does it contain a friendly and extroverted tone? Is it uncluttered, persuasive and involving?

Materials that make sales: Can your sales team distribute the material and know that it will peak the interest of your prospect or will it lose them in the egotistical paragraphs regarding your companies status and brand rather than the benefits that you have to offer them?

Corporate Identity: Do all your marketing materials maintain the brand identity, style and consistency whether in print or in electronic format?

Our Copywriting Process

First, your account manager and copywriter will call you to discuss your company profile, your competitors, your target audience, your message, your marketing goals and so on. With a specific keyword assignment or marketing objective in hand, your copywriter will compose an article, story, post, product description, or brand announcement that’s tailored to your company and objective. Its content is written with industry language that markets directly to your target audience, using powerful and charismatic language that smoothly commands your audience to act in the manner that is most appropriate for your type of website.

Your dedicated copywriter will maintain open communication with you throughout the process and will send you rough drafts for your review and approval. Follow up calls will dictate what appropriate revisions need to be made, and final versions are then submitted to either the client; or, to the project manager for the upload to the site, publication via news channels, printing agencies, or the like.

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Our experienced editorial team is standing by with pencils sharpened. We look forward to learning more about how we can help you reach your goals, and empower your success with purpose driven content marketing.

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Get a Complimentary SEO Website Analysis

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