It All Comes Down To the Basics . . . Sort Of

It is hard to find advice that allows you to create searchable content that passes Google’s rigorous new standards.  Some of what you hear is contradictory, and a great deal is seasoned with
“maybes” or “don’t knows.”  The fact is that professional SEO managers are unsure exactly how the new trends in Google will affect the long-term outlook for SEO.  Anyone who says they know for sure probably doesn’t.

Unfortunately, the unknowledgeable are particularly free with advice.  This creates a lot of noise that bars the background from becoming clear.  If you want real SEO advice, it is best to talk to people who do it for a living and deal every day with the realities created by advancing search engine systems.

Orange County SEO can help you improve your on page and off page ranking factors so that you get the most out of your search engine optimization budget.  We are a professional Orange County SEO company who deals with real SEO issues on a daily basis.  Talk to us about your SEO needs and we will do our best to help you maximize your website’s potential.

What Problems Are We Facing?

The reason that so many people are flailing blindly in the SEO field is that the problems have become more complex and the answer less simple.  Primary issues facing SEO managers now are:

  • Faster and less forgiving algorithms
  • Google’s domination of marketshare, giving its vagaries primary importance
  • Lack of “transparent” communications from search engines themselves
  • Google making its entry into commercial markets
  • Lack of workable solutions for common problems, despite a plethora of claims to do just that

So What Does Work?

If there is a “simple solution” to this problem, it is that the things that worked well in the past are still working today.  That does not mean the “quick fixes” and bad linking-building strategies that were popular but are now being targeted for extinction.  It means:

  • Thoughtful market/keyword selection
  • Professional technical expertise
  • Ethical link building and PR

Who In the World Is Matt Cutts?

When Matt Cutts talks, people listen.  This is because many webmasters are still searching for that elusive “quick fix,” and they believe Mr. Cutts is going to give it to them.  Unfortunately, that does not seem to be in his job description.

Matt Cutts does give good advice; unfortunately, it is not always practical for every situation.  For example:  ”Good content generates good ratings.”  This like telling a child that if he or she “studies hard” he or she will make good grades.  It sounds great, but it is not the whole story.

Bad content will definitely hurt your ratings, but good content alone does not fix them.  You have to market your content in some way or you will never get noticed.  You cannot build a great website without some form of linkage to the outside world.

How Do I Fix This?

You fix the situation by taking a multi-faceted approach to ensure that you are doing the right things for your website.  Write great content, market it well and safely, and you will find yourself rising in the ranks.  It seems simple, but it is hard to do.  However, with hard work you can achieve this goal.

Orange County SEO will help you analyze your website’s activity and find out if you can benefit from our SEO link building services.  This will give you the power you need to overcome search engine difficulties and get your content out there where your readers can find it.

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