Key Trends in Online Reputation Management


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Online reputation management is becoming a big field in the SEO world due to the fact that there are so many malicious attacks on businesses and individuals.  It is very difficult for business to track or remove all negative comments about their goods or services even if those comments are untrue or are posted by those who want to hurt a business’s reputation.  Therefore, good online reputation management hinges on understanding how to counteract the effects of negative information and which steps to take to build brand loyalty and customer support.

This infographicdeals with key numbers in online reputation management and trends that are important in considering this topic.

• 84 percent of marketers believe that building customer trust should be the primary objective of online reputation management.  If customers trust a company, negative reviews in a few isolated places have little impact on sales.  Building customer trust in a brand is one of the keys to managing a successful operation; in fact, it may be the most important long-term factor in business ownership.
• 76 percent of retailers say that user comments drive their decisions and help them make choices about future content.  Reviewing customer comments is a key piece of the online reputation management puzzle.  Ignoring negative comments is counterproductive, but it is also important to handle them in a way that does credit to the company as a whole.
• Company managers rank protecting online reputation as a first priority. 58 percent of company executives think that reputation issues should be addressed by management but only 15 percent actively do their own online monitoring of personal and company reputation.  Online reputation management must be a company-wide policy in order to be effective.  While managers and owners must take a leadership role in this endeavor, it is also important for every worker to be aware and attuned to negative Internet feedback.

Online reputation platforms have become big business.  In 2013, over 4 million small businesses will address online reputation management by purchasing some form of management platform designed to help them control customers’ view of their company.  These business owners understand the basic premise of online reputation management:  you are what the public sees, for better or worse.  You cannot afford to ignore your online reputation in today’s competitive world.  Taking steps to manage your online presence and the way the public perceives you can have big effects on your business and also help the search engines to see your website as valuable and productive.

Orange County SEO can help businesses manage and maintain a good online reputation through the use of proven strategies.  Orange County SEO experts give small and large businesses the tools needed to successfully present a good online reputation to the world through many activities that build brand loyalty, inspire customer approval and allow companies to show their best features to the public.  Contact Orange County SEO today about online reputation management and learn how we can help your business look its best.

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