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A sales funnel is only as good as its weakest point. Smart marketers test every aspect of the sales experience and use this information to form plans for improvement.  No matter how good your sales techniques or user experience, there is usually room to improve things with the right adjustments.

This infographicoutlines the basic points you should test for congruence and optimize for customer use to strengthen your entire sales process.

Landing pages. This is your point of sale, so be sure it is optimized for the best customer experience possible.  You must test every aspect of your landing pages from a customer perspective and ask tough questions:  Is your headline engaging?  Do you have too many unrelated links?  Is there a call to action? Is the font right for the material?  The answers to these seemingly small questions can have a big impact on your business and how you are perceived by customers.
• Signup forms. Be sure your forms are not too burdensome or difficult to navigate.  Customers rarely stick around to sign multi-page forms, especially if they are not sure what they are getting.  Keep your forms straightforward and simple and customers will thank you by responding positively.
PPC campaigns. Do not assume that because you are paying for clicks that you have a good ROI. Analyze them regularly for performance.  You can test every aspect of your website and compare results from various pages, headlines and other factors. Experiment by clicking yourself and see where you end up.  If your customers are bogged down with too many redirects, you may lose business through the very advertising you pay for.  Keep things simple to keep customer interest and ensure that every possible click takes the customers where he or she wants to go.  Nothing is more frustrating than backtracking because links lead to unrelated pages or pages that do not give the information a customer wants.  Most will not continue with the experience past a click or two.
• Media buying campaigns. Analyze your outlay for advertising to see if your dollars are working for you.  You can easily analyze your cost per click (CPC) but there are also other metrics you can use to determine how much your advertising is costing you.  These metrics can help you determine exactly how much ROI you are getting from your advertising budget.
• Email campaigns. Regularly purge and expand your email lists so that you reach the optimum number of customers. Remember that it is easy for a customer to block your email, so do not overdo the email campaign strategy and assume it is working.  Check regularly to see if your emails are being received and follow up on what action your customers take after receiving a particular email.

Orange County SEO can help you design a sales funnel process that draws your customers in and then analyze your results using proven methods.  You will never again be in doubt about your sales results using data-driven analysis with the help of Orange County SEO.

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