The Fancy Is The Newest “Hot Spot”

With a name like The Fancy, the more masculine among us may dismiss this newest hotspot as a “girly” site.  However, it is becoming the latest in a series of amalgamation websites to combine the best of some popular and climbing web interest sites—Pinterest, Love with Food, Groupon, and a host of others.  Best of all, the Fancy combines the best of these sites with a new and easy-to-use look that will draw buyers in and give higher conversion rates than the same bland and boring sites we have come to expect.

comScore’s article on the Fancy focuses on conversion from social media.  Likes are all well and good, but what happens when your likes do not translate into sales?  The Fancy can help you change that by providing that all-elusive marketing gold—a sales opportunity.  If your customers are buying, you are making money, and the Fancy proposes to give them every opportunity to do just that.

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So What Does the Fancy Look Like?

The Fancy bases its homepage on a Tumblr-type setup with little text and lots of large photos.  If you see something you “fancy,” just click.  You jump immediately to a large photo and simple, point-you-in-the-right direction buttons such as “add to cart.”  You can also share it through social media, add it to your profile, or tell everyone you already have it.

What’s the Big Deal?

So far, this sounds like a mishmash of Pinterest, Tumbler, and Facebook.  However, here is where Fancy gets fancy.  You can choose a subscription category, pay $30 per month, and receive a mystery box that has about $60 worth of items.  You can also earn badges for your profile by providing product reviews.

You can also earn money–a much better reward than merit badges, in most people’s opinion.  You get $1 credit for each person who joins on your recommendation and $10 if they buy something within 60 days.  You can also get cash back when you use your American Express.

More men may be interested in the Fancy than the name would imply because of its sleek and male-friendly marketing strategies, along with the fact that it is more tech-oriented than other sites.  Everyone who visits has an equal opportunity to earn rewards and points, because the merchandise is so varied and the appeal is so global.  Further, if you advertise with the Fancy, you can earn great perks, as well.  This website seems to be a standout in a world of cookie-cutter sites that offer little of interest to the average buyer.

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