What Are The Best First Steps in Google Adwords?

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Thinking about using Google AdWords?  There are hidden pitfalls and rules of which you should be aware before you plunk down serious cash on this advertising strategy.  You want your advertising budget to go as far as possible, so consider what you are doing and why you want to use Google AdWords before you begin this process.

This infographic will help you understand how you can start using Google AdWords to enhance your marketing strategy. Each step gives easy-to-understand visuals and explanations for complex subjects.

The Google adwords advertisinginfographic is comprised of four steps:

1)    The best way to run an advertising account. This visual shows you how your wholesale advertising is broken down into ad groups, campaigns, and targeted marketing. Define your overall advertising goals—do you want to create brand loyalty, bring in new customers, or both?  Each type of campaign will involve a different advertising dynamic.  Next, break your overall ad strategies into thematic groups.  This will help you structure single ad campaigns with a tight, cohesive focus and target groups that will respond to those particular campaigns.
2) Where to look for keywords. The suggestions in this graphic include AdWords tools, your own brain, and paid marketing services.  Remember that keywords are important but you can also be creative, especially if you offer a product or service that is relatively unique.  Trying out certain keywords for relevance may help you develop a strong list for advertising.  Be sure to use the tools you have available to test the strength of keywords before committing to a certain set.
3) How does the length of the search query affect your website traffic? According to the graphic, 80 percent of users will type in more than one keyword, while 20 percent use only one.  The lesson:  use keyword strings rather than focusing on single words.  You should also remember that the simpler your keyword, the more competition you are likely to encounter, so include identifying information that sets you apart from your competitors.
4) Assigning bids for the ad campaign. This visual representation of bidding shows the “surfing” nature of tailoring bids to meet both budget and maximum ROI needs.  Bidding is an art form that takes practice, just as bidding does in real life.  In order to take advantage of bidding capabilities, it may be helpful to seek assistance from someone who has experience in this regard before you try it out on your own.  Be careful of pre-approved bids; you can blow your entire advertising budget on a single bid if you do not have control over how much you spend.  In fact, it is a favorite trick of competitors to drive up bid prices on keywords so that if they cannot have them, you pay more for them.

Orange County SEO can help you navigate the AdWords maze as well as take other steps to improve your web presence and marketing campaigns.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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