Retweets Can Happen With the Right Approach

Having their content retweeted is a rush for most people.  It speaks to our human need to be recognized and have our words or images shared.  However, many people have begun to realize that Twitter can be a powerful tool for marketing, so they try to manage tweets and retweets with a goal in mind.

Orange County SEO can help you manage all your social media marketing and other forms of internet marketing with viable and useful guidance that will have your content bringing in customers from all over the internet.

You can get retweeted more often by following some simple tips, listed here.

  1. Do your homework.  There are several good eBooks on retweeting, including Dan Zarrella’s “Science of ReTweets.”  This is one of the best steps for laying a foundational understanding of retweeting and helping you master the art of using Twitter successfully.
  2. Time your tweets.  There are right and wrong times to tweet, and you can learn what they are.  Two programs that can help you analyze your Twitter following and isolate prime times are SocialBro and Tweriod.  Look at the times when your followers are most active and plan to tweet then.
  3. Use the “Retweet Me” option.  Viral Content Buzz is free and allows you to earn retweets by retweeting other users’ articles.  Getting involved in the Twitter community is one of the best ways to grow your Twitter following.
  4. Participate in Retweet Chats.  Twitter chats expose you to the people who use Twitter regularly.  Check this article for more information on Twitter chats.
  5. Look for timely and interesting news.  Twitter is monitored by news agencies and other groups that actually use its content to determine “breaking news.”  Use this function wisely and you may be the newsmaker instead of the reporter!  Subscribe to news feeds that specialize in up-to-the-minute posts and then repeat your findings.
  6. Give credit where credit is due.  People who have a high number of followers are good candidates for @mentions.  Relevant and timely posts will encourage them to share with their own followers, thus giving you a larger Twitter audience for your posts and more advantage in the retweeting arena.
  7. Repeat yourself; yes, repeat yourself.  It is usually considered bad manners to repeat yourself, but not on Twitter.  You can bring back relevant content with your own retweets and refresh people’s memories about interesting happenings.  Use this feature sparingly but to good advantage to keep information in the front of people’s minds.

Using Twitter can be fun and profitable if you follow the rules and think about your own marketing strategy.  Twitter is a free and easy way to get your message out to a large group of people instantly!

Orange County SEO can help you devise Twitter strategies and other marketing techniques to make your content shine.  Contact us today about your social media needs and watch your return on investment grow for your advertising budget.

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