How To Get Noticed On Twitter

Twitter is one of the best ways to get your news out quickly but it is also one of the most challenging forms of social media for webmasters to use.  It is a fast-paced world and individuals, brands, and others with Twitter accounts must have ways to use these accounts effectively.

Orange County SEO can help you manage your social media marketing with professional guidance and assistance in all your website needs.

SEOMoz lists ten tips for using Twitter more pro-actively and easily.  Here are some ways you can expand your Twitter usage and link in more customers and interest in your business.

  1. Set up a professional profile.  Use clear usernames that are easy to understand.  Have an interesting picture or graphic for your profile.  Make it easy for your followers to recognize you instantly.
  2. Stand out by being different.  If all those around you are sending out long and convoluted messages, keep yours short.  Being different gets you noticed.  You might also want to try a “double tweet”–one to preview and get people’s attention and one to give the actual information.
  3. Use the “indirect mention” tactic to gain interest.  Most people do not like a hard sell, but they will respond well to suggestion.  Mention interesting posts from others in your tweets without trying to sell them on yourself, and you might find you have gained their interest.
  4. Ask for help.  You can gain interest by appealing to other’s knowledge or expertise.  Ask for a retweet for an answer to a question and you will come across as flexible and willing to learn, as well as securing the attention of someone you want to talk to.
  5. Help others.  If you get help, give it as well.  This keeps you involved and in contact with those you want to connect with, and they may appreciate your help as well!  Be pro-active about giving help; try IFTTT tweets, or “if this, then that” tweets.
  6. Use tweets that you know work.  If you have something successful, use it.  Many people find that tweeting on timely topics works, but you may also have an old standby that can also be used consistently.
  7. Consistency.  Closely related to the idea of “use what works” is the idea of consistency.  If you mention others consistently in your tweets, they will be more likely to notice you and mention you as well.  If your content is consistently good, you are more likely to have loyal followers.
  8. Participate in professional chat.  SEO Chat and PPC Chat take place at designated times, so check out these opportunities.
  9. Use hashtags wisely.  Using strategic timing with hashtags can get you noticed.  For example, if you are the only SEO at a conference, be sure to use an SEO hashtag to get attention from those who might need SEO services.
  10. Use retweets strategically.  Having your followers retweet your content makes it more likely that people they follow will see it, so choose followers who have people you want to connect to as well.

Orange County SEO can help you get your content to your audience easily with their wide variety of services.

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