What Are People Doing With Search Engines?

The “series of tubes” that we know as the Internet was once an unthinkable dream, but now that it’s here, the progress we’ve hit with it has accelerated society beyond the boundaries of “the where and how” in understanding our world. At Orange County SEO we’re always working to find the research that shows us where we’re going, and where we’ll likely be headed on the information highway.

Users of search engines rise by about 20% every year steadily. With computers becoming more available in more locations, exposure and usability of software making it easier to discover and utilize, search engines are becoming the primary way that people are figuring out the answers to questions they’re asking.

Queries about where to go on the Internet comprises one of the three most popular uses of search engines.

General research is another way that people use the Internet, to find out the name of a childhood TV show, or the location of a coffee shop.

Last of the three most general ways people use search engines is to actually perform tasks such as purchasing items sold online, such as concert tickets, or to do something like watch a video or listen to a song.

From studying the data of what people are searching for, how often and when, Orange County SEO diligently works to compile and study findings to steer search engines toward desired clients. From studying the infrastructure of how user audiences are utilizing search engines, we can tell you for sure that, as the world has grown to embrace Internet culture, businesses are gearing up to meet them.

Most advertising budgets require that at least 20% of marketing is done via online strategies. We know that the number of people using the actual phone book made of analog paper is going down, and the number of people using search engines to find what they need is crushing the competition that resides in printed paper form.

Social networking sites continue to be an amazing source for users to not just check up on each other, but meet at various businesses, promote certain products, and endorse brands they want to share with their friends.

Economic activity on the net is here to stay, the people have spoken, and if your online marketing plan doesn’t include quality search engine optimization, your business may as well not exist.

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